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Viewer's Comment's

My name is Christy and I am a lesbian. I was wanting to create a web site that would enable people to speak freely and honestly about their feelings on current issues with the Gay community. I hope that this site can open your mind or even give you a place to vent your ideas and opinions. I will be posting comment's that have been submitted, so do leave your thoughts in the comment box. Thank you.

Should Gay's and Lesbian's have children?
-Still gonna say It should be a man & a woman. Not that
2 women couldn't physically raise a kid...IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT! Men have
a VERY IMPORTANT role as do women & to deprive a kid of either of those
roles is not good. It's not always about "love". Children need their
daddy. Not just a "male role model"... they NEED a daddy. Too many kids
are being deprived of that now days & you see how our world is falling
apart. Chris, you could really get me going on this one. That really is
a sore subject with me. I love you because I don't judge you. I love
you no matter. I pray for you.
Can Lesbian couples raise happy healthy children?
-Absolutely Yes! And so can homosexual men as well.

Here is a Task Force dedicated to Gay's and Lesbian's. Check it out.

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