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My Thought's
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Can 2 Lesbians raise a boy to be a "normal" man?
I have never thought that having a man or not having a man would influence a child to be "normal" or not. Pleanty of single parents do this on a daily basis and have raised very successful adults. I don't see where having a man would make a boy better or worse. I had many friends who had biological fathers in the home. On more than one occassion I thought they would have been much better off with out them. I truly think as long as children have people who love them and will teach them right from wrong having 2 mommy's or 2 daddy's shouldn't matter. If anything that boy would be more of a good man then the next guy, because he would have had 2 women who wanted for him to be a real man, rather than just allow him to grow up and be like all the other disrespectful boys that came from a heterosexual family.  
Why is being a lesbian more acceptable than being a homosexual male?
I think is has to do with society's roles that we have placed on men. They are expected to fulfill the role of sole bread winner. Society say's they are more physically fit for the tougher more hands on type jobs. We, as women, are told from day one that we are supposed to be "bare foot and pregnant" while our husbands go out and bring home the money. We are to cater to thier every whim according to the Bible. So I suppose for those that are more against our growing toward acceptance of these thing's, and seeing a man more feminin than the average woman could be disturbing. I still don't really understand people's thinking in this though
Is being homosexual a preference, illness, or are we born that way?
I say, for those who aren't just claiming to be gay, you are born with it. Being homosexual is not a learned behavior. Being gay is the same as being straight. It is what feels natural to that person. When you find comfort in the arms of someone of the same sex, it is not a preference. When you get those flutter's in your heart because your partner simply looked your way, it is certainly not because you wanted to feel that. It just happened that way. As far as it being an illness, I would like to quote a man I admire for being so bold. Sigmund Freud once said, "Homosexuality is assuredly no advantage, but it is nothing to be ashamed of, no vice, no degredation, it cannot be classified as an illness." In many of his studies of homosexuality he argues that everyone has some tendancies toward being homosexual. Although he was never able to prove those theory's he was able to make the medical world stop and think. I want to know why we aren't trying to look more at schitzophrenia and manic depression, thing's that truly alter a person forever? Let's stop trying to fix "those homosexuals" and work on bigger problems facing our physcological well being.
Does being homosexual make someone less of a person?
 No! If nothing else, being homosexual makes that person stronger. It makes them face every little rock in the road. Being "Gay" makes a person stand for everything they could ever believe in, and be damn proud of it. The older I have gotten the more it has made me realize, being gay isn't who I am. It's just a small part of me. Being " less of a person" has never been part of my vocabulary, because I have had to face all those rocks. I am who I am, and I am proud of it. If people want to sit and judge me on something that is so small, then so be it. I will continue on my rocky path because in the end I am me, no more, no less. Be proud of who you are, for you are the only person you will ever be.
13 April, 2005:           Today is a national day of silence for our young people to express how they feel by saying nothing. In schools across America teens are doing the only thing they can to show support for their Gay and Lesbian peers. This world has truely come to a stoping point when we must create a day purely to show support for another simply because they are Gay or Lesbian. We as a society have the ability to stop the hate crimes and discrimination facing our young people. Please take a moment and be thankful for what you have.

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Here is a Task Force dedicated to Gay's and Lesbian's. Check it out.

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